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Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) – An Intro

You have probably heard stories about paramedics being able to “treat and release” patients. Well, it’s not that simple of course. But it is happening, and not just “out West.” Initially, it sounds like a nightmare to EMS Managers: “Oh my God, we are going to go bankrupt!” (esp fire-based EMS). But it sounds like a dream to (some) medics: “Oh my God, we can start getting refusals on our frequent flyers!” Fortunately, both of those perspectives miss the mark. These days, simply building more walk-in clinics, staffed by young MD’s or PA’s is not going to cut it, even in communities without overburdened ED’s and EMS systems. There are many agencies out there experimenting with having Paramedics, RN’s, and PA’s visit patients with chronic pathologies where they live – even unannounced. Since the gold standard of medicine is patient care, let’s listen to one patient’s story: