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The Crashing Acute Pulmonary Edema Patient – ED/ICU vs EMS?

This post serves two purposes.
First, how do you treat your severe Pulmonary Edema patients? Do you have CPAP?
Because CPAP does not just help patients avoid intubation – it saves lives, and it brings people back from the brink of death, FAST. And, what is your nitroglycerin (and morphine/opiate) protocol for these patients? There are different ways to handle it, since EMS generally does not do nitro drips en route to the ED (if you do, let me know!).
Secondly, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorites podcats/blogs, EMCrit.
It is evidence-based medicine at its best  + aggressive treatment of the sickest patients.
A great archive plus plenty of links to the research as well.