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New ACEP policy statement on spinal immobilization Jan2015

Guess what the American College of Emergency Physicians has to say about spineboards? Well if you have been paying attention, you can guess:
“Evolving scientific evidence demonstrates that some of these current out-of-hospital care practices cause harm including airway compromise, respiratory impairment, aspiration, tissue ischemia,increased intracranial pressure, and pain, and can result in increased use of diagnostic imaging and mortality.”
In my career, I have seen most of these first-hand as a pre-hospital provider who likes to follow up on their patients.
Do you know the difference between “spinal immobilization” and “spinal motion restriction”? You should. And secondly, do you follow ACEP, or NAEMSP, or the ACS CoT? You should.
Here is what NAEMSP and the ACS Committee on Trauma said a few years back.