The Bystander learns from the First Responder.
The First Responder learns from the EMT.
The EMT learns from the Paramedic.
The Paramedic learns from the Critical Care & Flight Medic.
They learn from the ICU RN/PA, who learns from the MD, who learns from the PhD.
Trauma learns from the military.
And now, we all learn online. This is the only educational guidepost you need.

I have two roles in Emergency Medicine. In the civilian world I am a Paramedic, in the military I am a Flight Medic. I have been in ground EMS for 5 years, for municipal 911 agencies and for private convalescent services. I trained for 4 years as a Combat Medic (Infantry) in the Army Reserves. I have gained invaluable experience working with aggressive protocols; serving urban, rural, and suburban populations; caring for geriatric and chronically ill patients; and seeing the myriad health challenges soldiers, veterans, and their families face (including mine). This blog  & twitter account are my attempt to weave together the different threads of Prehospital and Emergency Medicine, from the First Responder to the ICU, for the EMS professional.

Emergency Medicine requires teamwork, discipline, curiosity, and compassion. This mix of conceptual knowledge, hands-on skills, and service to others is deeply appealing, rewarding – and challenging. But without excellent patient care – and what they used to call “bedside manner” – you will not aid your patient. Building rapport with the patient is not just a way to obtain their medical history – it is the key to their treatment and outcome. Advancing patient care is the only guidepost the medical professional needs. And that is why doublemedic exists. Because if we don’t learn together, our patients will suffer alone.

Reach me at doublemedic on gmail or twitter.


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