Should police or first responders have Narcan auto-injectors?

Well this title says it all. There are pros and cons, as discussed in the article. One of the main arguments against this is that such personnel are not trained in the pharmacology or indications of Narcan. Of course, we already have epinephrine auto-injectors… though those are mainly carried by patients. Do we want gung-ho non-medics running around giving Narcan as the first line treatment for every unresponsive patient – i.e. MI/arrest, seizure, stroke? Two of the main arguments for this are the resurgence, in some areas, of heroin and other opiates (over 16,000 deaths in 2010), and the lack of contra-indications and side effects if administered unnecessarily. Are you seeing Narcan auto-injectors where you work? Are people talking about it? What are different agencies – EMS, fire, police – saying about it?

See also: FDA Rapidly Approves Naloxone Auto-Injector


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