Hey EMS! Let’s get started! Learn one new thing every day.

Hey EMS! Welcome to DoubleMedic, the online multi-tool of patient care.
Every day of the week I will have a new twitter post on @doublemedic, borrowed from somewhere else on the web. That article or topic will be explored a bit deeper on my blog, doublemedic.wordpress.com. Some common topics will be: airway, trauma, medications, ICU, sepsis, operations, learning…. and whatever else it is YOU want to see discussed!

This blog & twitter handle are my attempt to weave together the different threads of Prehospital and Emergency Medicine. The full value of this endeavor will only be realized by YOUR participation. Contact me at doublemedic@gmail.com with ideas, comments, suggestions, critiques, queries, requests.

If you learn one new thing every day, you will advance your patient care.


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